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Archive for 'Destinations'

Sandy Sheets

Our refuge for the next five days was a simple, thatched roof bungalow literally steps from the “gin clear” waters of the Caribbean.

Postcard from Portugal

Our latest wanderings took us to the city of Lisbon in Portugal, and to the surrounding countryside.

Buenos Aires Insider

Ten years or so ago, on our first trip to Buenos Aires, we were greeted at Ezeiza International Airport by Sr. Pedro Baliña and his hired driver. Strangely enough, neither myself, my partner nor Pedro recall the exact details of how this meeting had been organized. Pedro, a Fine Arts professor, would act as our [...]

Ibrahim Pasha—a boutique hotel in Istanbul

There is something reassuring about arriving at an unfamiliar hotel in an exotic city, in a strange country, in the middle of the night and being greeted by Godot. This Godot is a mature yellow Labrador whose master happens to own the very stylish small hotel Ibrahim Pasha smack dab in the center of the [...]

Villa Villoresi

So where is Sesto Fiorentino? Savoring Villa Villoresi, two train stops outside Firenze The name sounds so romantic. Sesto Fiorentino, one of the final train stops prior to arriving at the amazing Stazione di Firenze Santa Maria Novella (another story in and of itself). Sesto Fiorentino is actually a tidy, nondescript, middle-class suburb of Florence. [...]