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Traveling with a Terrier (or, Never in a Thousand Years)

What could be better than traveling in your own Wisecracker Luggage? Only sleeping in the hotel room once you get there…
Cassius After Traveling in Wisecracker Luggage
Never in a thousand years would I be one of those people in airports fumbling with a doggie diaper bag, holding up the security lines and trying to stuff a very nervous dog into a carrier. Never, never, never.

Two events changed all that. One was the loss of our 13-year-old Labrador, Bob. He traveled plenty (though we never flew with him) and was even passed off as a “medium-sized breed” at the old Ma Maison Sofitel in Beverly Hills. The second was that after a few years of mourning Bob’s passing we took the bold step of considering a small breed that could go everywhere with us. Small dogs have a bad rap as spoiled, neurotic ankle-biters—admittedly, some reinforce their stereotype. After a lot of research, watching the breed on inane YouTube videos and spending time with Toby, a showroom dog who rules one floor in one of the San Francisco Design Center buildings, the decision was made: a Norwich terrier.

Fast forward… we are coming up on the one-year birthday of Cassius, a black and tan Norwich terrier who has been at our sides since the day he arrived. Early on we determined that this dog should be exposed to as many experiences as possible so that he would fear nothing. We got him accustomed to a dog carrier very quickly. He traveled under the radar, sitting in his carrier in restaurants, riding on the shelf under the shopping cart at Costco…no drama. Weighing in at about 12 pounds and standing about 12” at the withers, he qualifies as an “in cabin” pet on most airlines. To date, Cassius has logged four trips to the Yucatan (12 hours of travel time with connections) and one trip to Manhattan. So far this dog has pissed on Loading Zone Only signposts at SFO, DFW, IAH, JFK, MIA, MID and CUN.

What we’ve learned from traveling with a terrier informed our every decision when it came time to design a dog carrier for Wisecracker Luggage. The bag is uncomplicated, functional and, of course, stylish. We used most of the same materials as in the rest of the line, including our signature linings—only with a special water-resistant coating. Nylon mesh “windows” let air flow through the bag, provide great visibility for curious breeds and also acting as limo-style tinted windows for privacy for the dog.

We now have our movements through security screening choreographed, and never hold up the line. We pay ridiculous pet fares, in some cases more than our own. Cassius loves his carrier and resists leaving it in flight. (The airlines really frown on this too.) The lulling sounds and gentle vibration of the floor usually put him to sleep for the entire flight. As we like to say: “No barking, no barfing, no drama.”

The truth is that Cassius loves to travel. Maybe for him it’s all about the bag.

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